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Sophie Mahir Art



Vibrant Coloured Original Abstract Acrylic, Oil & Mixed Media Paintings, & Art Cards.


About Sophie

Artist Statement:

“My work is all about colour; colour in its own place, and finding the hidden colours within the shapes & forms that encompass my immediate environment.

Inspired initially by the transient tones and often, chaotic organisation of nature, I have examined movement and the rhythms of the external world. Using these structures, I have started to examine the thought processes and feelings associated with representing colours on a two-dimensional surface.

Working from darkness towards light and clarity, I have embarked on a journey exploring colour dynamics, often experimenting with different textures and media to visually enhance the finished piece.”

Sophie Mahir Art:

For Collectors:

On this site you will find all my very latest paintings straight out of the studio . I work acrylic on canvas and am currently exploring what I see around me here in the Perth Hills in Australia.

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For Fellow Artists:

Calling all artists: Do you dream of making a good living from your art? But struggle with all the business and marketing side of things? On my OTHER site you can find a lot of free resources, from my Art Marketing Blog, my Free Report: ’21 Ways To Make Money From Your Art’, to various Workshops, Talks, Online Training and the Perth Arts Meet-up and Facebook community.

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