Sophie Mahir

Contemporary Fine Art

Semi-Abstract Original Boats & Harbour Scenes In Acrylic & Oil On Canvas. Commissions Welcomed.

Welcome To My Contemporary Art Website.

Hello – My name is Sophie Mahir and I’m a professional contemporary fine artist. Originally from the UK, but now based out of Perth, Western Australia. On this website you can discover more about what brought me to Perth and the story behind how I took a 10 break before re-discovering my passion for painting again. I’ll be up-loading new work to my Gallery pages, as soon as it’s dry and ready for sale.

Professional Fine Artist And Art Marketing Coach.

I grew up in my mother’s art studio, and have been creating ever since. From art teacher to full-on entrepreneur, I’ve learnt along the way. Owner of ‘Sophie Mahir Contemporary Fine Art’ (originally 2001 – 2008); founder and leader of ‘Newhaven Arts’, and ‘The Newhaven Artists Trail’ in Sussex, England. I sold extensively via my own open house, galleries, art fairs, group shows, and via my agent.

Discover the journey that took me living, working and travelling around the world with my laptop till I accidently landed in Perth…>>> Read My Story here.

I now also help my fellow artists and creatives to build their successful Art Business doing what they love. Over at The Artists Marketing Academy, I teach how to get great with all things Marketing, Business Planning, Art Sales, Social Media and much more. In early 2019 I will be launching a variety of easy access, low cost online courses covering all of the above topics.

I also run ‘Perth Arts | Business Development For All Artists’, a Meet-up Group for emerging artists here in Perth.

Why Boats, Harbours, Harbour Houses And The Sea?

My work is mostly inspired from my early roots back in the UK, in places like Cornwall, Dorset, Devon and Suffolk specifically. From childhood days beach combing, walking along the choppy sea-shores in Winter, watching the fishing boats come and go. Being fascinated with all the ‘wonky’ buildings, walls, ladders, and ‘coloured’ beach huts.

There is plenty of symbolism too. Freedom, loneliness, expansion, open, possibility, and journeys not yet taken.

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Artist Statement:

“My work is all about colour; colour in its own place, and finding the hidden colours within the shapes & forms that encompass my immediate environment. Inspired initially by the transient tones and often, chaotic organisation of nature, I have examined movement and the rhythms of the external world. Using these structures, I have started to examine the thought processes and feelings associated with representing colours on a two-dimensional surface. Working from darkness towards light and clarity, I have embarked on a journey exploring colour dynamics, often experimenting with different textures and media to visually enhance the finished piece.”