Hi, I'm Sophie.

I live to be creative.

I’m a Brit now living in the Perth Hills, Western Australia with my partner Nigel, our 2 cats and 2 part-time dogs. I landed here ‘accidentally’ after a few years travelling with my online business and am now very excited to call this home. I’m also mother to my 2 beautiful grown-up daughters, one of whom works with me.

My life is super full and rewarding with running what I like to call my ‘double business’. One half is made up of my own semi-abstract paintings, prints and products and the other is my personal brand site sophiemahir.com – where we help artists to also make a living from their art and creativity by building a profitable business.

“In my spare time, I love to walk in nature, travel to new places, take photographs, weave, paint up old furniture and cook raw, keto and ‘free-from’ foods. I’m passionate about organic food, a healthy lifestyle and learning new things every day.”

My Art Journey

From as early as I can remember I hung out in my mother’s art studio. She was a watercolour painter and I loved to watch her work. Very quickly I started to copy what she did and by the time I got to school, it was obvious I was going the creative route.

At 18 I found myself designing and making my own knitwear and specialised in hand-made original jumpers. I just couldn’t get enough wool, exploring different textures, colours and patterns (you should have seen my house). I created my first Solo Show with each piece of knitwear displayed on large painted backgrounds that I made for each piece, as well as some watercolour and pen and ink drawings.

I went on to study colour, painting and teaching, and qualified as a Waldorf Art Teacher, via a special course put on for a few of us at Tobias School Of Art in Sussex, England.

At first, I loved teaching art and by then I was also bringing up my 2 daughters on my own, but 8 years on I wanted to focus back on my own work. I left my ‘job’ in 2003 and never looked back. Happy to become reunited with business and entrepreneurship I set up as a full-time professional artist.
Still inspired by colour, shape and texture, I built a career with painting boats, harbours and harbour houses and beach huts around the English coast. I first became known for my blue and orange pieces, but eventually broke out and went more into browns, pinks and turquoise.

By 2008 I had painted myself into a hole, creatively, having to supply my galleries, open studios, solo shows, art fairs and my agent…so I decided to take a big break. I went into coaching and training (see my other site) and now some 12 years later I have re-connected to my passion and am loving the new take on my work.

“I’ve explored various avenues over the last few years and now have settled back into my style, but with a wider colour palette and a different ‘muse’.”

Previous Exhibitions

  • March 2008 – The Affordable Art Fair, with Carina Haslam Art, Battersea, London.
  • Sep 2007 – The Brighton Art Fair, Corn Exchange, Brighton, Sussex.
  • June 2007 – Solo Show at The Fishing Quarter Gallery, Brighton, Sussex
  • April 2007 – The Lennox Gallery, with Carina Haslam Art, Fulham, London.
  • March 2007 – Islington Contemporary Art Fair, Islington, London.
  • Nov 2006 – Battersea Art Fair, Battersea Arts Centre, London.
  • Oct 2006 – ‘Beyond the Visible’, Group Exhibition, Kidbrooke Park, Forest Row.
  • Sep 2006 – Brighton Art Fair, Corn Exchange, Brighton, Sussex.
  • July 2006 – Solo Show at the Fishing Quarter Gallery, Brighton, Sussex.
  • March 2006 – Contemporary Art Fair, Chelsea Town Hall, London.
  • Jan 2006 – Solo show at The Heart Gallery, Bexhill, Sussex.
  • Sep 2005 – ‘Art in Music, Music in Art’ Group Exhibition, Forest Row.
  • Dec 2004 – Group Show in Dieppe, France.
  • Oct 2004 – Solo show at The Crypt Gallery, Seaford, Sussex.
  • Sep 2004 – ‘Art in Action’ Group Exhibition, Kidbrooke Park, Sussex.
  • July 2004 – Solo show at The Ark Pub, Quayside, Newhaven.
  • March 2004 – Solo Show at The Gallery, Riverside, Lewes, Sussex.
  • Feb 2004 – ‘Eye and Image’ Group Exhibition, Forest Row, Sussex.

Open House

Sep 2001 – Sep 2007: ‘The House of Colour’.

3 Saxon Road, Newhaven, Sussex, UK. (Open 3/4 times a year – Including The Brighton Festival; Lewes Artwave Festival; Christmas Open House).


SERENA HALL GALLERY, Southwold, Suffolk.

WEBBS Gallery, Battersea, London.

WHITESPACE GALLERY, Greenwich, London.