Here in this gallery page, are a sample of my favourite (and also super popular paintings) from my previous professional art career in the UK. Please see my Art Journey to get all the details of how that developed. I worked with acrylics on canvas, only moving into oils in towards the end of 2008, just prior to me burning out. Now I’m back and putting all my energy into my new transformed work.

My inspiration then, and still now, is looking at where the land meets the sea. More specifically depicted with harbours, buildings such as light-houses and old wooden beach huts, old fishing boats and the coastline. I work with symbolism, so history is also important to me. A harbour can convey safety, home, comfort, or possibility; whereas my boats are more about freedom, movement and vulnerability.

See my ‘Early Paintings’ Gallery page for a larger variety of different places around the UK.

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